Conditions for ownership of property by foreigners in Thailand

  1. Foreigners who need to own a condominium in Thailand, by law allows foreigners to own a condominium unit not more than 49% of the total areas of a project. For example, a condo has a total area of ​​1,000 m. Quota of foreigners can buy a condominium in the area of ​​490 sq. m. only, cannot be more than 49%, and the money that can be used to buy a condominium must be 100% guarantee by bank that the money transferred is a money from abroad used to pay for buying the apartment only.
  2. Foreigners who want to own a land in Thailand will be difficult than owning a condominium as follows:
    1. Foreigner can own 1 rai of land only.
    2. Must be a foreigner who have qualification by legal requirements as following:
      Foreigners have to has investment in Thailand and amount of investment in the country at least 40 million baht. In a period of not less than 5 years, and type of investment must be legal, such as investing in Thai government bonds.
    3. The land purchased must be within the area specified by the city plan by law and must be outside the safe zone for military service.
    4. Foreigners who have the right to purchase or buy a land must use the land for residence only.

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