Documents for transferring an ownership of the apartment

In the case of a juristic person

  1. Certificate of juristic person, A copy of the list of shareholders, A copy of the juristic person’s affidavit which is authorized to act on behalf of the juristic person certify the correctness with the company’s stamp (If any) need 1 copy.
  2. ID card or passport (In case of a juristic director is a foreigner), Copy of the house registration of the director authorized to act on behalf of the juristic person and the company’s stamp of the juristic person (In the case that a company’s stamp is required) along with an original copy of the signature of the director authorized to act on behalf of the juristic person. Need 1 Copy
  3. Meeting report of the juristic person having a resolution to transfer or accept the transferring of Land with buildings or condominiums with details (In the case of a juristic person having only one director, the meeting report are not required unless the regulations of the juristic person specify that all shareholders’ meetings must use the meeting report of the shareholders’ meeting.) Use 1 original and 1 copy to certify the correctness of the documents with the company’s stamp.
  4. List of shareholders, in the case of a limited company or a public company limited as a shareholder, must show the name of the shareholder showing the nationality and number of shares of that shareholder with 1 original copy and 1 copy certifying the correctness of the documents. Company’s stamp (If any)
  5. Names and nationalities of members in the case of associations or cooperatives requesting land or condominium transfers 1 original document and 1 copy Knowledge Resources: Land Office

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